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The performer displays a small wooden case and a mini patience card, in the centre of which is a square hole: he slides the card into the case, snaps his fingers to make one of the sides of the hole disappear, then tilts the case and out slides the card, the square hole in which (as he claimed) has lost one of its sides and is now A TRIANGULAR HOLE!

Returning this card to the case once again, the performer this time snaps his fingers twice to make TWO SIDES of the hole disappear. How, you may ask, can a hole have only ONE SIDE? Quite simply! The performer tilts the case and out slides the card again, this time with A ROUND HOLE IN ITS CENTRE!

The card is returned to the case, the performer snaps his fingers again to vanish the last ‘side’ of the hole, and out slides the card WITHOUT ANY HOLE IN IT AT ALL!


Most card boxes/cases/slides will give only one change of card: this uniquely designed, ingenious little case gives THREE CHANGES, one after the other. All the performer has to do is to slide the card into the case each time and then tip it out again.

The case is made in teak and measures approximately 8.3 x 5 cms. A wooden diamond-shaped motif set in relief decorates the top of the case. The mini patience card measures 4.5 x 2.8 cms. The effect comes complete with the cards necessary for the above routine.

2 reviews for Holusion

  1. Andy Martin

    Simple plot and clean magic

    The hole in the card transforms all over the place! Very nice props as usual and nothing too tricky here!

  2. George Guerra

    Nice transformation effect with cards

    This is a different card trick to stray from the mundane “pick a card” effects. Play it right with the suggested patter or your own and this little miracle will entertain as the cutout in the card keeps changing FOUR times. The beatiful teak case does it all for you, so NO fancy sleights needed here!

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