Egyptian Mini-Magic CollectionIt is with great pleasure that we present this comprehensive site covering over 40 years of the magic of Alan Warner.  As collectors of Alan’s work, Andy Martin and George Guerra find it important to bring under one site all the facets of this great craftsman’s line of magic.  Starting with his beautiful Children Effects sized for a larger audience and progressing to his painted and teak Mini-Magic line, Alan has touched the hearts of many magic enthusiasts with his handcrafted work.

This site was originally created by Andy Martin and George Guerra in 2005. This updated version was rebuilt by Andy Martin and Double Fox Websites, and although George was not directly involved his help should not be minimized: George has a beautiful collection of Alan’s magic and many other amazing craftsmen and has a great eye for the best in magic.  Just a few of items in his amazing collection can be seen here.  In addition, George takes stunning photos and I’m very grateful to him for all the photos and reviews he has added to my sites over the years.