Wonderland Door

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The performer ribbon-spreads a mini-sized deck of playing-cards face-down in front of a miniature wooden door set into a small wooden stand. He then hands a spectator a golden key which he claims is very similar to the one Alice, while adventuring in wonderland, used to unlock the small door to the garden where she found the red Queen of Hearts and her playing-card attendants. There is no keyhole in the performer’s miniature door: the spectator’s key, however, will unlock the secret of the Wonderland-Door and reveal what lies behind it.

The performer now requests the spectator to hold the key over one end of the line of cards and to move it slowly down the line, stopping anywhere he chooses to place the key on the back of one of the cards. Next the performer turns the cards on either side of the spectator’s choice face-up, explaining that if the spectator had stopped a fraction of a second sooner, or later, one of these two upturned cards would have been selected instead of the one with the key resting on it. The performer then reminds the spectator of the story of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland – that all of the inhabitants on the other side of the small door she unlocked were playing-cards, and that all of those cards are, of course, related to the ones which are currently ribbon-spread in front of the door.

The performer moves on now to the miniature door and reveals a single playing-card concealed behind it. He then requests the spectator to remove the key from the back of his chosen card, and asks him to turn his card face-up. THE CARD BEHIND THE WONDERLAND-DOOR AND THE SPECTATOR’S CARD MATCH!

Both the specially gimmicked miniature Wonderland-Door, measuring 8 x 6.5 cms, and its stand are made in teak wood to the high standard of workmanship and with the close attention to detail that are recognized features of any piece of Mini-Magic apparatus made by Alan Warner. A mini ‘Bicycle’ deck of cards (i.e. half poker size) and an ornate key are also supplied with this effect. Complete with a routine featuring an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme.


3 reviews for Wonderland Door

  1. Andy Martin

    Why is this guy so good?

    The simple stuff is the hardest to come up with, but this baby looks and feels great! A straight and to the point prediction of any card freely chosen from the deck!

    Great props, clever method, quick reset, what more do you want!

  2. Todd Reis

    Another really nice Warner item

    Simple trick with very nice props. Recommended if you can find it.

  3. George Guerra

    Another nice piece from Alan

    Clever piece from Alan in that the “forcing” is done in a most natural manner that would even fool a magician. The props are beautiful as always and accomplish the effect without any awkwardness. Nice addition to any Warner collection.

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