Karate Kard

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A small wooden box contains two packs of patience cards, one red-backed, the other blue. One of these packs (say, the blue-backed one) is selected by a spectator and removed from the box. Next, the spectator chooses (and notes) a card from this pack and his selected card is then placed in the box in front of the red-backed pack. The blue-backed pack is then replaced in the box alongside the red-backed pack and the lid is put on the box.

The performer now states that the blue-backed card selected by the spectator will find its matching mate in the red-backed pack, and the spectator is asked to name his card. On hearing the spectator’s choice, the performer (acting suitably horrified!) announces that this particular card is a very violent and unpredictable one known as the ‘Karate Kard’ and that he has no idea now what will happen inside the box.

Removing the lid from the box, the performer reveals that THE RED-BACKED PACK HAS APPARENTLY VANISHED with the exception of two cards – the spectator’s blue-backed card and one red-backed card. These are then removed to reveal that THEY MATCH EACH OTHER.

Holding the blue-backed pack in the box, the performer turns the box over and out pour the remains of the red-backed pack, ALL CHOPPED UP INTO LITTLE PIECES BY THE KARATE KARD!


The special teak box (which does most of the work for the performer!) measures 7 x 2.5 x 5 cms high (approx.) and has decorative wood banding inlaid around the edges of the lid.

All the cards necessary to perform the effect as described above are supplied (namely, top quality Piatnik mini patience cards – 4.5 x 2.8 cms approx. in size).

The apparatus comes complete with The Alan Warner Routine.

2 reviews for Karate Kard

  1. Andy Martin

    So small yet so cool!

    Its amazing how small this beautiful effect by Alan Warner is. It’s an old discontinued item that Alan Warner has recently revived. And I’m glad he did!

    The effect is very clean, convincing and entertaining and can be read $link(http://warner.qualitymagic.com/?html=full&key=1697 target=warner,here).

    It’s been a while since I have picked up one of Alan’s beauties and its so nice to see his greatness continues. This effect is precisely and beautifully made and highly recommended!

  2. George Guerra

    Great magic in a very small package

    This is a very cute effect. You have a small teak case divided into two adjacent compartments. One side holds a miniature red deck of cards and the other has a blue back deck. One deck is chosen and a card selected in a fair manner. The selected card is inserted in the compartment with the opposite colored deck with the purpose of finding its match in that deck. The case is covered with a teak cover exhibiting a contrasting white/blue banding. The selected card is revealed and the magician is shocked to hear the identity of the card for it is known as the karate kard. He removes the cover and finds that the red deck has been chopped up in its compartment and only one red card remains intact next to the selected card. They match. Beautiful props and clever method, all in one very small package. This is more micro than mini magic for Alan. Love it, but you have to love everything that Alan makes.

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