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A plain wooden tablet is shown on both sides and then slipped into an open-ended wooden cover. The cover allows the tablet to protrude at each end of it and therefore be in view. Another small, square wooden tablet with five drawing-pins firmly embedded in it is displayed. The performer covers this tablet with a handkerchief and then requests a spectator to hold the tablet through the folds of the handkerchief.

Next, the performer shows five cards, only one of which is a regular-faced playing-card, the other four having blank faces. This small packet of cards is placed on top of the wooden cover.

The spectator is now asked to shake the tablet he is holding over the top of the cards and then remove the tablet from the folds of the handkerchief. To his surprise, ONE OF THE DRAWING-PINS HAS DISAPPEARED FROM THE TABLET!

The performer picks up the packet of cards from the cover and deals each card singly onto the table. There are now only four blank cards… THE FACED PLAYING-CARD HAS COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED. The performer then tilts the wooden cover, allowing the tablet to slide out and reveal that THE FACED PLAYING-CARD IS NOW PINNED TO THE WOODEN TABLET BY MEANS OF THE MISSING DRAWING-PIN!


The wooden apparatus is made in teak. The cover measures 11 x 8 cms (approx.) and features a diamond-shaped boxwood inlay which has been specialty dyed an attractive light blue colour.

The cards used in the above routine are supplied, but not the covering for the drawing-pin tablet. Any ordinary handkerchief may be used or even dispensed with altogether should the performer so desire. The instructions with CAPTIVE CARD detail both routines.

2 reviews for Captive Card

  1. Andy Martin

    Sweet Surprise!

    This is a clean effect with wonderful props. Five cards are shown four blank and a spot card. Also a piece of wood with 5 tacks embeded in it. You also show a cover with a large piece of wood going through it.

    The piece of wood is shown to be clearly empty as is the cover. The wood with the tacks is held by a spectator under a hanky … then it happens. The card dissappears, a tack breaks off from the ones embedded in the wood, only to appear inside the cover.

    Great magic.

  2. George Guerra

    Great Routine and Props!!

    Great routine and first class props spells entertaining and fabulous magic. Card and tack disappear and reappear in the open ended cover case attached to the wood plate inside. The method is devious and not exactly as I had envisioned it – I was fooled. The beauty of teak is clearly showcased as this a “large” item compared to Alan’s other pieces in his Mini-Magic range.

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