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The performer withdraws a wooden board from a cover to reveal that it has three tablets mounted on one side of it, the other side being completely bare.

The three tablets each depict a sacred Egyptian scarab, the middle one of which is coloured blue while those on the tablets on either side of it are coloured yellow. The board is now replaced back inside the cover, both ends of the board remaining visible outside the cover due to the fact that the board is the longer in length. The performer then displays a single yellow scarab which matches the two mounted on the board inside the cover. This single yellow scarab is covered with a handkerchief and then given to a spectator to hold.

A simple snap of the performer’s fingers, and an amazing transposition takes place!

The spectator, when asked to remove the handkerchief, finds HE IS NOW HOLDING A SINGLE BLUE SCARAB! The performer once again withdraws the board from the cover and reveals that IT NOW HAS THREE YELLOW SCARABS mounted on it.

This top quality piece of apparatus is both imaginatively designed and meticulously handcrafted, the simple action of sliding the board in and out of the cover effecting the transposition of the middle scarab mounted on it. Both the board and the cover are made in teak, the board measuring 13.5 cms x 6 cms, and the cover featuring a stylishly designed matt black panel with gold hieroglyphs.

3 reviews for Scarab▲Scarab

  1. Andy Martin

    Wonderful and Different!

    Alan comes through for us again here – great looking props, ingenious but simple method, and great patter possibilities!

  2. George Guerra

    Beautiful Props and Clever Effect

    Another beauty from Alan. The effect is cleverly done and the gimmicks well disguised in the usual masterful workmanship that is Alan’s trademark. He sure does real magic with his hands! Most highly recommended.

  3. Doug Gorman

    This one’s hard to beat(le)

    What a wonderful effect! Not difficult to perform, but very clever with great built-in subtleties. I just love the way you think, Alan. And of course, the craftsmanship is superior.

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