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A small wooden cover known as the HORUS-SCOPE – on the top of which is the ‘All-seeing Eye of Horus’ – is placed in front of a spectator who has been invited to assist the performer. Protruding from either end of the Horus-Scope is a folded slip of paper – a prediction made by Horus, one of the more important and powerful Gods of Ancient Egypt.

Next, a small box is introduced which contains six wooden tablets, carved into each of which is its own individual hieroglyphic symbol which has been specially highlighted by a distinctive background colour that varies from one tablet to the next. These tablets are laid out in a line and one is selected by the spectator assisting the performer. The spectator is then asked to remove the slip of paper from the Horus-Scope and to read what is written on it. THE PREDICTION TAKEN FROM THE HORUS-SCOPE CORRECTLY IDENTIFIES THE TABLET SELECTED BY THE SPECTATOR!

With this effect, we have taken the basic idea of an old but clever idea and incorporated it into a delightfully designed piece of apparatus with an Egyptian theme to create spectator interest.


All the pieces used in this effect are made in teak. The box, which measures 7 x 5 x 5 cms (approx.), has decorative Egyptian panels with a gold background (varnished for protection) on each of its four sides. The tablets (5 x 3 cms approx.) all have a hieroglyphic symbol carved into the front of them, and the backs of the tablets are decorated with a diamond-shaped, specially dyed, coloured boxwood inlay – an entirely new innovation in the design of our apparatus.

The cover for the prediction is 7.5 x 3 cms (approx.), and set in relief on the top of it is the symbolic, predicting ‘All-seeing Eye of Horus’.

The routine supplied with the apparatus gives details of two presentations.

2 reviews for Horus-Scope

  1. Andy Martin

    Beautiful, Clean, and Baffling!

    When Alan Warner puts his mind to it his micro magic is quite exquisite. This effect is very beautiful to look at and the method is clever. Bascially its a simple clean prediction of the spectator choosing one of the 6 symbols. Great props and convincing method!

  2. George Guerra

    Great looking props

    The effect is a simple prediction but I do like the props. Alan can turn a simple effect into something inspiring by enveloping it with beautifully decorated props. I would give the effect between 3 and 4 stars but the props are definitely a 5.

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