Mummy II

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The performer removes the lid from a plain wooden sarcophagus to reveal an Egyptian Mummy reclining in an open coffin. The coffin containing the Mummy is removed and the performer then demonstrates the Mummy’s mysterious power TO FLOAT UNSUPPORTED IN THE COFFIN. The coffin with the floating Mummy is returned to the plain sarcophagus and the lid is replaced. A second sarcophagus is then shown empty, this sarcophagus differing from the first in that it has a decorated lid.

The performer states that the Mummy has the power not only to float unaided but also dematerialise and materialize, and goes on to prove this by reopening the plain sarcophagus to reveal that THE COFFIN IS NOW EMPTY. On removing the lid of the decorated sarcophagus, THE MUMMY IS NOW SEEN TO BE INSIDE THIS SARCOPHAGUS.

Each beautifully proportioned sarcophagus is made in SOLID TEAK and measures 12 x 5 x 5.4 cms high, an oiled finish preserving the natural wood. The lid of the decorated sarcophagus features A GENUINE HAND-POLISHED GEMSTONE. Please note that each piece of apparatus will feature a different gemstone to the one shown in the photograph below.

The apparatus is a delight to handle, and with Alan Warner’s improved method of working, simplicity itself to perform and a magnificent example of true craftsmanship.

2 reviews for Mummy II

  1. Andy Martin

    Finally Alan Warner has bought back his Mummy!

    So after a long time Alan Warner is back making one of his favorite effects: the Mummy!

    The new version is even better than the original, if that is possible, with more teak work, and some enhancements to the smoothness of the opertation and performance.

    So, if you have been trying to track one of these down, now maybe is the time you can get one. It is sure to be a hit and is most highly recommended. $link( target=warner,Click here) for the effect.

  2. George Guerra

    Another beautiful Mummy!!

    What’s better than one Mummy…why, TWO Mummies. This new version of the classic Warner Mummy, named appropriately Mummy II, is gorgeous. Granted, no radical changes have occurred in overall design and method (but who wants to mess with a true masterpiece), there are some very nice new improvements. This is the first Mummy made by Alan using ALL teak components. The open coffin is all teak and finished in a satin varnish, thus sealing the natural oils that have a tendency to stain the mummy’s wrapping. Previous coffins used clear plastic curved ends and at one time the base was painted black. The hieroglyphics on the new rectangular wooden plague adds more to the Egyptian theme than the “shiny” golden plaque in the original. The mummy itself has a new head similar to the one used in Cairo Con. The choice of gemstone on the sarcophagus I received is very beautiful. This has always been one of Alan’s hallmark pieces and no Warner collection is complete without a Mummy. Most Highly Recommended!

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