Rainbow Puzzle

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A tray on the performer’s table contains what appears to be an abstract picture, but which (as the performer explains) is actually a rainbow puzzle with, however, one of the colours of the rainbow missing, namely blue.

A cover is removed from another smaller tray to reveal the blue ‘puzzle’ piece which should have been included in the rectangular puzzle had there but been a space available for it.

The performer now sets about correcting this problem by first tipping the four sections of the puzzle out of the tray and then replacing them so that they once again form a rectangular puzzle, but this time WITH AN OBLONG HOLE IN ITS CENTRE into which the blue puzzle piece would obviously fit.

Covers are now placed over each of the trays. The performer then picks up the covered smaller tray containing the blue puzzle piece and shakes it from side to side. The blue piece is distinctly heard hitting the sides of the tray. SUDDENLY ALL GOES QUIET. The cover of the smaller tray is now removed. The tray is empty: THE BLUE PUZZLE PIECE HAS VANISHED!

The performer then removes the cover on the larger tray to reveal that THE PUZZLE IS NOW COMPLETE WITH THE BLUE PIECE IN ITS RIGHTFUL PLACE.

Both trays and covers are made in teak. The trays measure 2.25 inches x 2 inches and 2 inches x 1.6 inches.


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