Chan Chu

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Chan Chu

The Chinese Three-legged Money Frog

A Mini-Magic SPECIAL

A small, Oriental-style casket has a drawer in one of its sides which contains three wooden plaques. The performer opens the drawer and tips out the plaques, leaving the drawer empty. All three plaques, as demonstrated by the performer to the spectators, are blank on both sides.

The plaques are replaced in the drawer which is then closed. The magic words Chan Chu are invoked, the drawer is opened, and once again the plaques are tipped out. However, when the plaques are displayed this time to the spectators, THE IMAGE OF Chan Chu HAS MYSTERIOUSLY APPEARED ON ONE OF THE PLAQUES.

The performer draws attention to this image and explains that Chan Chu, a three-legged frog, is the Chinese God of Prosperity with the unique ability to attract money. The coin held in Chan Chu’s mouth calls out to other coins to be drawn to him.

The performer now shows a coin similar to the one being held in Chan Chu’s mouth. It has a sticker on its back which the performer invites a spectator to initial. The Chan Chu plaque is then replaced in the empty drawer and the marked coin is placed on top of it. Once again the drawer is closed and the magic words, Chan Chu, are repeated. The drawer is now opened. Something can be seen underneath the Chan Chu plaque and the marked coin. The performer removes the plaque to reveal that the drawer is no longer empty. IT NOW CONTAINS A PILE OF CHINESE COINS. Chan Chu has indeed attracted money to him, but as the performer points out to the spectators, the pity of it is that the Chinese three-legged frog God of Prosperity will only attract the coins of his homeland, thereby denying the performer any hope of becoming a very rich person in the coinage of his own country.


The cabinet, which is made in teak, measures 4″ x 2.75″x 1.75″. Fretted decorative panels are featured on the four sides and top of the cabinet. The ball feet, drawer knob and imitation Chinese coins are all made of brass.


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