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Alan Warner’s Mini-Magic Range
Handcrafted Close-up Apparatus

Out of a small teak cover, the performer tips a circular wooden plaque which features a blue “Smiley” face. “But why is he so sad and blue? Because he knows he has to perform some magic and he is feeling rather tired and would much prefer to have a rest.

The plaque is now slid back into the cover with its face uppermost. The performer then turns the cover over. Smiley’s face should now, of course, be face down, but when the plaque is tipped out, for some curious reason HE IS STILL FACE UP!

The performer repeats this procedure with the same result, by which time, the spectators have begun to suspect that Smiley has two faces, one on each side of the plaque. However, when the performer turns the plaque over IT HAS A PLAIN BLANK BACK!

The plaque is now returned to the cover face up for the third time, the cover is then turned over as before, but once again Smiley slides out FACE UP!

For a change, the performer now slides the plaque back into the cover face down and then rapidly turns the cover over several times. He then asks the spectators to guess whether Smiley is face up or face down. When the performer tips the plaque out again, Smiley is face up AND HAS A HAPPY YELLOW SMILING FACE because, finally, the magic is finished and at long last, he can have a well-deserved rest.


The cover is handcrafted in teak and measures 2″ x 2″ x 0.625″ and features a black wood motif which is inlaid on the top of it.

The cover is specially designed to enable the effect to work automatically. All that is required of the performer is that he follows the routine!


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