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This versatile card case, which is very easy to use, can change a card (maximum size 9 x 6.4 cms) either once or twice. The performer holds the case horizontally, then slides the card into the open end of the case WITHOUT THERE BEING ANY NEED TO LOOK IN THE END OF THE CASE TO POSITION THE CARD. The case is tilted downwards and out slides a completely different card. The card is replaced in the case by the performer as before, then the case is tilted a second time and the card that slides out has changed yet again.

*PRINT YOUR BUSINESS CARD! In goes a blank card and out comes a card with either letters of the alphabet scattered haphazardly all over its surface, or it has been printed in Chinese! Return this card to the case and it changes to the performer’s correctly printed business card for giving away.

*CARD COLOURING! In goes a card featuring a drawing in black outline only (this could be a client’s logo or a product promotion), out comes the card, but only the red areas are coloured. Return the card to the card case and it changes to a fully coloured drawing. If you have purchased COLOURAMA, red can be forced for the first change, then the other five tablets are turned over to reveal a variety of different colours for the final change to the full colour drawing.

*Just a few suggestions taken from the TWENTY ideas and variations which are described in the instructions for this piece of apparatus

The top of the case (all of which is handcrafted in teak – approx. size 12 x 8.2 cms) is inlaid with an ebony wood motif. PLEASE NOTE: No cards are supplied with this special wooden card case.

2 reviews for Card Case 20

  1. Andy Martin

    Now This is a Card case!

    Alan Warner, the master, always likes to put a spin on an old classic. Here he does just that with fine teak woods and up to 3 changes. How does he make such fine woodwork? That is the true magic!

  2. George Guerra

    The “Ultimate” card case?

    This case is truly marvelous…THREE changes and not a single sweat to perform. The workmanship is, of course, impeccable. Alan picks teak with beautiful grain patterns for these pieces since the case is “large” and easily showcases this gorgeous wood. The accompanying instructions provide 20 ideas for the card case, so it has so many possibilities. I bought Colourama specifically for this case: the two pieces complement each other in one sure-fire routine.

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