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These two small wooden boxes are 7.6 x 4.5 cms, are made in teak, and have brass-hinged lids. Each box is decorated with a circle of contrasting wood which has been set in relief on the lid. Cut into this contrasting wooden circle is an Oriental character. To differentiate between the two boxes, the backgrounds of the Oriental characters are a different colour.

The two boxes are on the performer’s table together with six mini patience playing-cards which are lying face down. A spectator is requested to select one of these cards and to remember it. The spectator is then asked into which box he would like his chosen card to be placed – the one with a red Oriental character, or the blue one. The chosen card is placed in the selected box and the lid is closed. The spectator is now asked to name his card and the remaining five cards are then turned over to show that they are all different. The spectator’s box is then placed on his outstretched hand, the box first being given a quick shake from side to side by the performer to confirm the presence of the chosen card within the box. The performer holds the other box. A snap of the performer’s fingers and the impossible happens… the spectator is asked to open his box – NO CARD! The performer opens his box and there it is – THE SPECTATOR’S CHOSEN CARD!


The spectator has a completely free choice of both playing-card and box. The boxes bring about the transposition and have been specially designed to withstand normal examination. VERSATILE APPARATUS

THE PERFORMER IS NOT RESTRICTED TO USING LI CHANG’S BOXES SOLELY FOR THE ABOVE EFFECT! Any small object that will fit into the spectator’s box will vanish and reappear in the performer’s box: the spectator can place a marked coin in his box, the performer can do likewise and the coins will transpose, the spectator finishing up with the performer’s coin and vice versa. Other ideas will no doubt occur to the imaginative performer once he knows the working principle of these ingenious little boxes. We supply the two special boxes and six mini patience playing-cards for the Alan Warner routine set out above.

2 reviews for Li Chang’s Boxes

  1. Andy Martin

    Wow these are clever!

    With Alan Warner you always expect high quality, but these babies are not only beautifully made they are very, very convincing.

    Many uses and in all cases a magical marvel!

  2. George Guerra

    Beautiful Set of Boxes

    Alan thought of everything with this pair, including matching the wood pattern or grain. The effect is magical, selected card transposes from a freely chosen box to the other, but it’s the workmanship on these boxes that really stand out. I am addicted to Alan’s magic…and I need a fix!

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