Siamese Ribbon

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A small Oriental-looking cabinet is displayed, then the front and back doors are opened revealing a narrow ribbon which runs through the centre of the cabinet from side to side (the ribbon-ends run through slots with a short length left hanging outside of the cabinet at each side). The performer pulls the ribbon back and forth several times and then takes a pair of scissors and CUTS THE RIBBON IN TWO.

The doors are now closed, but the ends of the ribbon which protrudes from the slots in the sides of the cabinet are still in full view. The performer pulls on one end of the ribbon and THE OTHER END IMMEDIATELY MOVES: he continures pulling and the ribbon is removed – COMPLETELY RESTORED! The doors are re-opened showing the interior of the cabinet to be empty.

The miniature cabinet (4" x 1 1/2" x 2 1/2") is finished in a bright yellow lacquer with a black trim, the front door having the special decorative feature of a hand painted dragon.

This beautifully designed effect has intrigued all who have seen it, and we are confident that it will likewise intrigue and mystify both you and your audiences.

1 review for Siamese Ribbon

  1. George Guerra

    Incredible illusion packed into a tiny chest!

    For some time Andy has been telling me to get this item for my collection. Well, it’s easier said than done as this item was long ago discontinued and practically impossible to find on sale.

    Fortunately, Alan’s wife recently found several mint painted mini-magic items stored away for years and long forgotten in a storage area of their home. Now, that is one true treasure find! I was most fortunate to get a chance to acquire these items and now that I own this particular piece, I can see why Andy was so excited about it.

    It’s a clean cut and restored ribbbon effect, but what beautiful and ingenious little chest to accomplish the effect. The workmanship is superb and the method so clever that, when I first unwrapped the item from the parcel I took a good amount of time to just marvel at the construction and mechanics. One observation I need to mention is that the cute dragon design on the chest is NOT a decal, but actually entirely HAND-PAINTED! Thanks Andy for a great recommendation and to Alan for the great magic.

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