Thru N’ Thru

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A simple wooden frame – finished to our usual high standard of workmanship in a bright red gloss lacquer, with black trim – two pieces of plastic (one white, the other black and both with four small holes punched through them), and a coloured shoe-lace are the props used in this mystifying little close-up effect.

A spectator is given A FREE CHOICE of either the white or black piece of plastic, both of which are then slippped into the frame. The coloured shoe-lace is threaded backwards and forwards through the four small aligned holes, thus binding the two pieces of plastic securely together; however, in spite of this, as the performer holds the frame in front of him, the spectator is startled to see THE SELECTED PIECE OF PLASTIC slowly rising out of the top of the frame, MYSTERIOUSLY PENETRATING THE SHOE-LACE which is still threaded through the piece of plastic remaining in the frame.

The design of Thru ‘N’ Thru allows the props to be examined and makes the effect simple to work.


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