Spirit Cabinet

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The performer raises the decorated top of the apparatus until THE EMPTY INNER CABINET IS FULLY REVEALED. The cabinet is then closed and three blank, white plastic cards are slipped into it through a slot in the top of it. The spirits of the cabinet are then called upon to reveal the identity of a card selected mentally by a spectator from the audience; also the spectator’s colour preference.

The spirits, however, refuse to co-operate. No message appears on the blank cards, and then when something finally does appear, much to the consternation of the performer and the amusement of the audience, IT CANNOT BE DECIPHERED (which is hardly surprising, since the message has been written by a Chinese spirit in its own language!).

The surprising finale comes when the spirits in the cabinet are called upon by the performer TO PROVE THEIR EXISTENCE AND MATERIALIZE, and this they do…IN THE FORM OF A MINIATURE BOTTLE OF LIQUEUR!

Handcrafted from SOLID TEAK, the cabinet stands approximately 5

2 reviews for Spirit Cabinet

  1. Andy Martin

    On my word!

    Well I am very, very lucky to have this beautiful piece. Alan Warner himself gave me this from his own personal collection as a thank-you for this new website. This was a most wonderful surprise, since this is one of his very early teak pieces, that he discontinued years ago.

    The effect is simple but beautiful of course.

    This really is a very beautiful piece – did I say I was very, very pleased to receive this today? Thank-you Alan very much!

  2. George Guerra

    I am one happy guy!!

    I received this gem from Andy today and it’s a beautiful item. Under Andy’s loving care, the teak has developed a gorgeous patina…what richness the wood takes in appearance with time. I now look forward to all my Warner pieces to do the same in the years to come. Well, I am very happy as this piece now completes my teak Warner collection and what a finish with this special item.

    The workmanship on this piece is impeccable… but that is why Alan’s magic is in such great demand by discriminating collectors. He is no doubt the Taytelbaum of teak mini-magic. Thanks Alan for bringing such Art to magic and thanks Andy for selling me such a precious piece from your collection.

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