Die ‘N’ Dice

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‘PERVERSE MAGIC’ at its best…

A box is on the performer’s table. The box, states the performer, contains THREE coloured dice. He removes the lid of the box and tips out FOUR dice. Looking rather confused, he apologises, places three of the dice back into the box and puts the fourth in his pocket.

With the lid back in position on the box, he again states that the box contains THREE coloured dice, but once more, to his embarrassment, FOUR dice roll out. This is repeated several times, on every occasion the performer becoming more and more exasperated as repeatedly FOUR DICE roll out of the box. Finally, the performer concludes that "If you can’t beat them, join them!" and announces that the box contains FOUR coloured dice. He removes the lid and tips out…TEN COLOURED DICE! "The least of my worries," insists the performer. "What concerns me is this…" and he lifts up the box (which has been placed upside down on the table) to reveal A LARGE 2" SQUARE DIE!

The ten coloured dice and the large die at the climax of the effect DO NOT REQUIRE LOADING DURING THE PERFORMANCE.

A SPLENDID CLOSE-UP EFFECT WHICH YOUR AUDIENCES WILL ENJOY FROM BEGINNING TO END. The box is finished in a glossy red and white lacquer.


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