Prison Block

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A solid coloured wooden block with a hole running through the centre of it is dropped into a cabinet and a wooden rod is then passed through holes in the sides of the cabinet and the one in the block.

The block, thus imprisoned inside the cabinet, CAN BE SEEN CLEARLY THROUGH THE OPEN WINDOW OF THE CABINET. It appears impossible for the block to escape from its prison, and yet on the magician’s command, THE BLOCK DROPS OUT OF THE CABINET while the rod remains in posi-tion, clearly visible through the window.


The cabinet is made in teak and is 3

2 reviews for Prison Block

  1. Andy Martin

    Simple and Effective Penetration

    This clever piece of Mini-Magic represents the completion of my Alan Warner Mini-Magic collection that can be viewed in all its glory $link( target=_blank,here). It is a old chestnut, and one of Alan’s earliest Teak pieces, but very well made by the master craftsman himself.

    In this version there are no funny moves or sleights. The block is loaded, the bar locks the block in place, and then on the command of the magician the block falls!

    Its nice to complete the collection Alan, thanks for making it all possible!

  2. George Guerra

    A classic in such a tiny prop!

    Remember the “Vampire Escape” effect…well, this is similar though the mechanics are, perhaps more sophisticated and much smaller, think pocket size. Not much is visible on the outside but the inside says it all. Remember that this is an all wood item. This is, without any doubt, another example of great craftsmanship from the man who can do it, repeatedly. This is one of Alan’s “earlier” items and is very welcomed in my collection.

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