Mini Locking Drawer Box

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The specially designed locking drawer box can be very effectively used in an ‘invisible pack routine’, the box measuring 5

2 reviews for Mini Locking Drawer Box

  1. Andy Martin

    A solid Utility Device from Mr Warner!

    This is a great drawer box from Alan Warner. One of his earliest works, so it lacks some of the ornateness of his more recent creations. However, as a wonderful and functional drawer box it is superb.

    Unlike many drawer boxes there are no outward signs of holes or levers or pins and you don’t need to tilt the box one way or another – it is much cleaner than those methods. Whenever Alan applies his talents to even the simplest of devices he always comes up with something a little better. This drawer box is no exception. In fact, it is so well built that you could have a member of the audience open it up to show the load appear!

    If there is a downside with this box, its the size of the load it can hold. It only fits bridge size cards, since in the UK that is the standard size for cards – not those huge Poker sized cards that American’s are so fond of.

    Its always bigger in America, especially Texas! But as Alan Warner has repeatedly shown, mini is better and more beautiful!

  2. George Guerra

    I think “Mini” is an understatement

    When I first heard of this Warner item, I figured it would be a nice prop to use for the miniature decks Alan uses in some of his other pieces, so I was quite taken by the size of it when I unpacked it. It will easily hold a full cased Bridge-sized deck. It’s beautiful and pictures really don’t allow you to appreciate it as when you actually hold this box in your hand. The mechanism is smooth and finely crafted. The teak is admittedly simple compared to the richly grained teak in other Warner pieces but Alan wanted the most seasoned wood he had to prevent shrinkage and problems with the drawer. I still love it. It does look “big” among my Warner collection, but I am not complaining.

    Grading a Warner item can be a challenge because does one grade his item to the rest of his collection or to all props in general on the market. To keep perspective intact, there are 3,4, and 5 stars within the collection itself, but since I assume I am comparing these items to “everything” out there, then ALL of Alan’s pieces are a clear 5+ stars. Craftsmanship like Alan’s is hard to come by, folks.

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