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This is Alan Warner’s version of a classic effect that is well known to many. An ungimmicked box and coloured cube is shown. While the performer’s back is turned, a colour is selected. The cube returned to the box with the selected colour showing at the top and the lid is replaced. The performer is then handed back the closed box and he is able to name the correct chosen colour.


The box and lid are made of teak with a nice black/white decorative banding on the lid. The cube, measuring 1 1/2 inch, is solid wood and hand painted in various glossy colours. An added feature by Alan is that the choice of colours on the cube are purposely arranged to allow the performer to quickly know, by a simple code, which colour is on the opposite side of the cube. Now, as a variation to the presentation, a chosen colour can be inserted faced down in the box and the top visible colour will clue you to the correct selected colour.


The Warner Colour Vision Box shown here is the only one in existence, made on special request for the original owner. Alan Warner’s standard policy is not to offer or accept any custom work. However, over the years, Alan has made, perhaps, three exceptions to long-time collectors. The remaining two are a teak item, Excalibur, and a children effect, The Magic Pencil Case.

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  1. George Guerra

    What a surprised find!

    When I first head of this item on sale, I just thought that it must be some unknown painted Warner item from the past. The shock came when I saw the first images of the item and realized it was teak. Now, I was perplexed as I thought I knew all of Alan’s teak releases. I didn’t hesitate to buy it and it turned out it’s one of those very lucky finds for a Warner collector. It’s the only one ever made!

    Now, it’s not the clever gimmicked teak construction that Alan is well known, but it is still a beautiful piece that has acquired a gorgeous patina over the years. The effect is a classic. The best one I have owned was an Owen, but I really love this one. The Owen color box was long ago given away as a gift.

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