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A yellow ribbon is draped over the cover and a black domino with recessed white spots is then placed inside the cover. (The weight of the domino forces some of the ribbon down into the cover, the ends of the ribbon remaining outside the cover.) The performer then pulls downwards on the ends of the ribbon which causes the domino to emerge from the cover, revealing that THE SPOTS ON THE DOMINO HAVE CHANGED FROM WHITE TO YELLOW!

These moves are repeated with another domino and a blue ribbon, the domino’s spots changing this time from WHITE TO BLUE!

Picking up the last domino, the performer drapes both the yellow and red ribbons over the cover, the domino is then dropped into the cover and the ribbons are pulled, revealing that the domino now has RED AND YELLOW SPOTS! The yellow ribbon is removed from the cover, THE SAME DOMINO (with red and yellow spots) is once again dropped into the cover, the red ribbon is pulled, and now the spots on the domino are ALL RED in colour!

NO SWITCHES… The double colour-change domino is self-contained and is locked in the same manner as the single-change dominoes.



The dominoes measure approximately 7.8 x 4.2 cms and have a hand-burnished, matt black finish. The cover is made in teak.

3 reviews for Domino

  1. Andy Martin

    Pretty Colors and Beautiful Props

    A nicely made effect from Alan Warner with lots of color and surprise. The dominoes keep changing colors as they are passed by the ribbons.

  2. George Guerra

    Nice color matching effect

    Straight forward effect. Nice addition to any Warner collection. Colorful ribbons cause dominoes to begin matching including one multi-color finale.

  3. Doug Gorman

    Domino, Dom-i-don’t-no!

    This is a clever set of dominoes whose spots change color depending on which color ribbon is associated with a given domino. So, a yellow ribbon changes white spots to yellow; a blue ribbon changes white spots to blue. Now, just as you think you know, you don’t know! The yellow and red ribbons are used to change white spots to red and yellow! Finally, the red and yellow spots are subjected to the red ribbon alone, and, you guessed it, all the spots turn red! What is so great about Alan’s magic in general, and this effect in particular, is how he takes a principle of operation, applies it, and then, part way through the routine, he extends the principle to amplify the impact of the effect. Once again, absolutely wonderful craftsmanship and creative genius is on display here. Thanks, Alan, for making so many of us so happy by sharing your skill and creativity.

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