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A small wooden case contains two oblong, black wooden plaques, one solid and the other with various Egyptian hieroglyphic symbols cut completely through it. The entertaining routine supplied with this effect involves the theft of the hieroglyphic plaque which the thief removes from the case and conceals in his pocket, only to discover later on that, to his surprise, the plaque in his possession is now the solid one, the one he stole originally having meanwhile somehow mysteriously returned to its rightful place in the case.


The case is handcrafted in teak, measures approximately 10 cms in length by approximately 4.5 cms in width, and has been designed on similar lines to a jewel case, with a brass-finished hinged lid and a green velour lining. The plaques measure approximately 6.3 cms in length and are made in wood with a matt black, hand-burned finish.


3 reviews for Curio

  1. TR Reis

    Nice props, average effect.

    Once again Alan Warner has made an unusual trick with high-quality props. Although I am not familiar with all of his creations, from what I’ve seen this is one of the more weaker or average effects. A strong story-telling presentation is really needed to sell this routine.

  2. Andy Martin

    Nice props, clean effect!

    An interesting patter line that can be pulled off with some work. Or choose a different story! The effect is easy enough: you take out the intriciate bar and close the box. Then suddenly they switch places and the plain one is in your pocket with the intricate one back in the box.

    Very well made props and workable method.

  3. George Guerra

    Love this straight forward piece

    This is one of the simpler effects from Alan but a piece to cherish. Its just gets lost among the other fabulous magic from this genius of a man. Though straight forward in execution, the gimmick is beautifully done and the craftsmanship of the entire apparatus definitely deserves a 5+.

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