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After shaking a plain rectangular teak cover from side to side, the performer reveals that the sound that everyone heard coming from inside the cover, was made by three copper coins housed within it. The other decorated teak cover is then similarly shaken to prove that it is completely empty.

The performer replaces the three coins in the cover, then demonstrates how anyone can transfer a coin from one cover to the other by simply removing one of the three coins from the plain cover and then placing it in the decorated one. A self-evident feat, easily accomplished, but rather slow compared with the special magical powers of the performer who, with a mere snap of his fingers, can achieve precisely the same result. Having made this point, the performer snaps his fingers over the plain cover and then TIPS OUT ONLY ONE COIN. He then reveals that THE DECORATED COVER NOW CONTAINS TWO COINS!

The performer returns the coins to their respective covers (one coin in the plain cover, two in the decorated one), and then invites a spectator to see if he himself possesses similar magical powers. A quick snap of his fingers and the spectator proves that he definitely has some magical ability in that THE PLAIN COVER IS NOW EMPTY WHILE THE DECORATED COVER CONTAINS THE THREE COINS!


The specially designed teak covers measure 10 x 3.75 cms with the decorated cover featuring an attractive, hand-fretted wood cut-out set in relief. Comes complete with a routine and all the necessary coins.

2 reviews for Cover Up

  1. Andy Martin

    Clean and Simple Transposition

    3 coins cleanly travel from one tube to the other one at a time. No funny moves or sleights, just beautiful boxes and easy magic!

  2. George Guerra

    Simple transposition but great props

    The magic is simple – three coins “fly” one by one from one cover to the next. However, I am really impressed by what Alan can do with using wood as the predominant material to perform the magic. The workmanship is impeccable as always. Thanks, Alan.

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