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A wooden cover, which is open at both ends, and four coins (three copper and one silver) are used in this effect. The performer demonstrates that the cover is empty by feeding the coins rapidly, one at a time, into one end of it and by then allowing them to slide through it and emerge at the opposite end. Closing off one end of the cover with a finger, the performer then feeds first the silver coin into the open end and then the three copper coins. When the coins ultimately emerge, one by one, from the other end of the cover, A COPPER COIN COMES OUT FIRST, not the silver one as expected. Instead, the silver coin is the second coin to appear and is followed by the other two copper coins.

The performer repeats this sequence of moves two more times, in both instances feeding the silver coin into the cover ahead of any of the copper coins. The first time TWO COPPER COINS appear before the silver coin, and the second time THE SILVER COIN IS THE LAST OF ALL TO EMERGE FROM THE COVER.

Finally, the performer slides all four coins back into the cover and asks a spectator to guess whether the silver coin will be first or last out, or whether it will finish up between the copper coins. No matter what reply is given by the spectator, the performer confides that it has all been an illusion anyway, THERE NEVER WAS A SILVER COIN, and proves this by tipping out THREE COPPER COINS ONLY!


The cover, which is handcrafted in teak, measures 11 x 3.5 cms (approx.) and is just long enough to accommodate the four coins. No setting up. ONLY FOUR COINS ARE USED and these are supplied with the effect. The silver coin maybe marked for identification purposes if so desired.

3 reviews for Coin Con

  1. Andy Martin

    Coins move all over the place!

    As coins are fed into the box they change places all over the map. Simple, clean, and convincing!

  2. Todd Reis

    Another interesting idea

    Once again nice props and a somewhat different effect. Not one of his best, but still worthwhile.

  3. George Guerra

    Nice piece of coin magic

    Beautiful prop and great routine makes this Warner item a winner. Sure, it may get lost in Alan’s other gorgeous pieces but I particularly like the concept of the silver coin moving around the copper coins in an intriguing magical dance.

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