Flim Flam

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.



The performer displays a WHITE paddle with TWO YELLOW SPOTS on each side of it. A quick rub with the free hand across the face of the paddle and the spots on both sides CHANGE TO RED.

Again the performer passes his hand over the paddle and the spectator now see ONE YELLOW AND ONE ONE RED SPOT on each side of the paddle. ALSO another much more startling change has taken place…

The paddle is no longer white – IT IS NOW BLACK ON BOTH SIDES!

ONLY ONE PADDLE IS USED… a combination of a mechanical paddle and the standard ‘paddle’ moves bring about these changes. The routine supplied is as above, but there still remains one further change which can be used should the performer so desire: the red and yellow spots on each side of the black paddle can be changed to white.

Made in wood and plastic, the apparatus measures approximately 6 3/4" in length.


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