Silhouette Sorcery

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This effect has all the ingredients necessary for succesful children’s entertainment – COLOUR, AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION, and A VERY STRONG, OFTEN AMUSING STORY-LINE.

Shamus’ black silhouette mysteriously disappears from his hutch and reappears in one of seven colourful silhouette top hats; however, in between Shamus’ disappearance and reappearance, the performer and his audience have a lot of fun (mostly at Shamus’ expense) only to have Shamus turn the tables on everyone and finish up with the last laugh in an amusing sucker finish to the effect over and above his transposition.


The various silhouettes of Shamus and his seven coloured top hats are real, not printed, and are individually mounted on separate pieces of 7 1/4 in. by 4 1/2 in. white plastic.  The design of the silhouette is BOLD, VERY COLOURFUL, and HIGHLY VISUAL.  The hutch frontispiece is also in plastic and finished in three bright high-gloss colours.  The stands are black and a natural wood finish.  Also included is an extra rabbit-in-top-hat silhouette for a repeat booking and the full ALAN WARNER ROUTINE.

1 review for Silhouette Sorcery

  1. George Guerra

    Simply Incredible Early Warner Magic

    I have been a collector of Alan’s mini-magic since my first piece in December 2001. I never looked into his early children effects simply because they were big props and I have never been interested in children’s magic. This apparatus came up for sale and I hesitated buying it, so it sold quickly to another buyer. Fortunately the new owner later offered it to me and, after some long thinking, I finally gave in to buy it. I am glad I did.

    First, it’s large compared to Alan’s current line and the method later incorporated into Kryptic Keys. The card houlette is 4-5 times bigger than the teak one used in Kryptic Keys. Overall, the apparatus provided is simply beautiful. The cards are plastic but the painted designs are actually wood cuts perfectly glued onto the white plastic cards. It looks gorgeous. The paint job is first class, reminiscent of the Milson-Worth apparatus..and that’s a bold statement.

    The effect is most entertaining with a strong patter, clever method, and again, fantastic props. The story centers on Shamus, the rabbit of an Irish magician, who loves doing his own magic. First, the full silhouette of the rabbit is seen and hidden behind the house, laid on a black easel which provides support. Attention is then turned to his colored hats in the houlette. The red hat card is chosen by the day of the week and the stack of colored hats held by a child. Shamus scampers off to his hats and makes his magical appearance on the selected hat. But has Shamus really left the house? His silhouette is then discovered to now be a cut out of a rabbit. What a Shamus!

    Alan is truly a master craftsman with brilliant ideas behind all his magic. I am most fortunate to add this beautiful apparatus to my collection.

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