It’s In The Bag

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The performer unzips a corduroy-velvet bag from which he withdraws a length of coloured, WHITE POLKA-DOTTED ribbon. The bag is turned inside-out to show that it is otherwise empty. The ribbon is dropped back into the bag which is then zipped up. The bag is now rolled up and smacked into the performer’s free hand… ‘To knock off all the spots!’ he exclaims. He then allows the bag to unroll , unzips it and then removes the ribbon which the audience can see is now minus all of its white polka dots, ROUND HOLES ONLY REMAINING IN THE RIBBON! ‘The spots, of course, are in the bag,’ explains the performer who, turning the bag inside-out again, reveals that THE WHITE POLKA DOTS ARE NOW STUCK ALL OVER ITS LINING.

First Children’s Effect Devised by Alan Warner

THIS IS A FLAT CHANGING BAG, BUT NOT THE USUAL STANDARD DESIGN. With ALAN WARNER’S ‘IT’S IN THE BAG’, the performer can allow a child to remove and replace the ribbon – THERE IS NO LOOSE MOVABLE DIVISION TO CONCEAL! The bag measures 10 inches x 9.5 inches and was hand made by Mignon Warner, Alan’s wife, to his specifications.


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