Review by George Guerra for The Chinese Money Box

Review by George Guerra for The Chinese Money Box

Review by George Guerra for The Chinese Money Box

5 out of 5

Chinese Change on Steroids!

WOW! Is this one BIG apparatus! Mine is actually a little bigger than the dimensions quoted in the description. It’s ironic that I became interested in Alan’s magic because of the small, or "mini", sizes to his apparatus. But as I endeavor into his now discontinued $link(nd=childrens, Children’s Magic), the sizes take on a huge leap up in dimensions.

This is a very, very large version of his painted mini-magic release, the Chinese Change, with one big exception. It has a mechanism built into the box under complete control of the performer to allow a large silver coin to appear stuck in the middle of the box as it’s viewed in the left side. It’s a nice comical touch for the kids, and the adults, in the audience. One thing about Alan’s Children effects is that they really pack a great deal of entertainment value.

The construction and paint finish of the box is of high quality, considering the age (Alan stopped making his Children effects in the late 1980’s, I believe). Both Alan, as builder, and the previous owner(s), as caretaker(s), of this old prop are to be commended. The Chinese characters on the doors are not just simply painted, but actual black lacquered wood cut-outs set in relief. The huge coins are solid wood and painted. An extra silver coin is included for a re-appeartance option and my purchase came with a silvery fabric change bag that I don’t think was included in the original sale.

Overall, a great prop and I thought I would never buy any huge magic apparatus, again, but it is a Warner!

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