Doug King’s Collection

I have always been a collector. It started as a kid and continues today…from postage stamps, to baseball cards, to beer cans, to antique toys, to character wrist watches, etc. Most recently, after accumulating a collection of antique magic sets including a large Mysto Magic collection and a small collection of antique magic apparatus from makers such as Thayer, Merv Taylor, Owen Brothers, P&L, and others…I decided that magic sets and antique apparatus were just too plentiful, as were collectors of such items…so I decided to sell my collection. I then decided to look to collecting something different and unique. I saw a Alan Warner “VooDoo” for sale on a magic store website…and remembered seeing an article about Warner in Genii Magazine. I thought the piece was unique and different…and decided to buy it. This purchase started it all. When I got the piece, I was so impressed with the workmanship and micro-size. I searched the internet and saw George Guerra’s collection online. And, upon establishing an email friendship with him, stretched my collection from not only Alan Warner, but to Richard Gerlitz, Mel Babcock, James Riser…and to other micro-magic pieces. This is where my collection is now! I am very happy to be collecting something so unique and different as that of Alan Warner.

Millennium Collection No.8 - A Prized Possession

Flight of the Falcon No.3 - Another Prized Possession

Lightning Box - A Favorite

Voodoo - Another Favorite

Cairo Con

Warner Mummy

Various Warner Pieces