Domenico Dante’s Collection

I met Alan Warner in the 80’s when I started to be a professional magic dealer but for many reasons that was the only time we had a deal. It is curious because I was always searching for high class product (I represented Anverdi since he passed away, I published the first catalog in full colors in Europe, I was representing Collectors Workshop in Italy etc.). Simply our ways didn’t cross. This is life. Since a few years I am dealing mostly with high quality items and what was a business became a passion. I have 45 pieces at the moment some of them are double but normally I don’t sell them. I prefer to change or trade with pieces that are missing in my collection. Unfortunately I don’t have and recently missed The Flight of the Falcon. I hope one day I shall be able to find one! I also collect Anverdi, Taytelbaum and all sort of Mummies. I not only collect these gems but I make them live. In 2009 I was invited to 4F convention in Buffalo and I performed The Gillyman and Li Chang’s Boxes (in addition with a Silver Copper Brass transposition). I live in Italy near Venice and any contact with Collectors from all over the world is welcome.

Cairo Con


Chang's Boxes

Red Chinese Puzzle


Die N' Dice


Eye of Isis


Fool's Gold #24


Horus Scope


Karate Kard

Kryptic Key



The Mummy

Mini Mental

The Mummy II


The Question Is

Pharaoh's Curse

Voo Doo


The Talisman

A collection of many older, rare Warner pieces