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A plain wooden talisman is placed in a cover which has the mystical protection of the sacred falcon of the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt.

Three black tablets, all of which bear the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol representing life (each hieroglyph is a different colour – blue, red or green – and has its own special meaning for fortune-telling purposes), are then shown and turned face-down on a table and thoroughly mixed up.

A spectator is now invited to be ‘Pharaoh for a day’ and asked to select one of the fortune-telling tablets. The tablet is then turned over to reveal the colour of its hieroglyph which enables the performer to read the spectator’s selection and foretell his (the Pharaoh’s) future.

In order to see if the Gods have smiled upon the wisdom of the choice the spectator has made for himself, the spectator is asked to tip the talisman out of the cover, thereby revealing that the once blank talisman now has THE SYMBOL OF LIFE SET INTO IT IN THE COLOUR OF THE SELECTED HIEROGLYPH, thus confirming the fortune-teller’s prediction.

This is a most unusual effect – something that is completely different, intriguing and mystifying, and something that your audiences are sure to remember.

NOTE: The spectator can handle the talisman BEFORE AND AFTER the appearance of the coloured hieroglyph: he also has A COMPLETELY FREE CHOICE OF TABLET; and furthermore, HE HIMSELF TIPS THE TALISMAN OUT OF THE COVER. The apparatus, which is self-contained, works virtually all by itself.

The cover (11.5 x 5.8 cms) is made in teak and is attractively decorated with a symbolical falcon set in relief. The three tablets are made in wood with a matt black, hand-burnished finish.

Comes complete with an entertaining fortune-telling routine which (as with another Alan Warner TEAK ORIGINAL – THE PHARAOH’S CURSE) has been slanted towards ancient Egypt.

3 reviews for Talisman

  1. George Guerra

    Beautiful piece!!

    This is one of his more beautiful teak pieces with the Egyptian theme. Love that falcon on the case. The effect is entertaining and practically automatic. Highly recommended.

  2. Andy Martin

    Never Just a Prediction Effect

    Alan Warner rarely does a simple prediction effect – he likes to add some magic in there too! So here we show the talisman as clearly blank, place it in the cartouche, have a color chosen and then tip out the talisman and whamo – the exact color they chose is now on the talisman. The cartouch is clearly empty and they can choose any one of the 3 colors with no force baby!

    Great stuff from the genius in Cornwall!

  3. Todd Reis

    My vote for the Best Warner item (given my limited exposure)

    For my money this has 2 very strong effects. The elegant props work smoothly and is worth whatever investment you need to make for it. Only drawback is the end result or choice is always the same, so it can’t be repeated to the same person or group.

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