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The performer introduces to his young audience, Claus, the Cameleon Cat – a totally white silhouette of a cat. The same way that a chameleon lizard changes colour according to its surroundings, so should it be with Claus, the Chameleon Cat, when the performer drops him into the dark interior of a wooden cover to prove to his audience that Claus does indeed have the same remarkable ability as the chameleon lizard to change.

However, much to the performer’s consternation (and the children’s amusement), a ‘cat’-astrophe takes place each time Claus is dropped into the cover. To begin with, Claus (who likes to play practical jokes) remains white instead of changing into a black cat to match the interior of the cover. Claus gets up to his old tricks again and HIS HEAD ONLY CHANGES TO BLACK (although when the performer turns Claus around, HIS TAIL HAS CHANGED TO BLACK).

The next time Claus is placed inside the cover, he emerges, still with a black head and tail, but with his body striped all down one side of it in a BRIGHT ORANGE, changing him into a part-MARMALADE TOM CAT.

Finally, Claus stops playing tricks on the performer and emerges from the cover as he should, A TOTALLY BLACK CAT, both front and back.

The wooden hinged cover measures about 7 by 10 inches and the cat silhouettes are 8 inches. Cleverly deceptive in design, the cover easily allows the series of transformations to occur without much effort on the performer. The exterior of the cover is a natural wood finish. The cat silhouettes are all solid coloured plastic construction, including the black features (head and tail) on the two cats. Glossy bright orange enamel was handpainted for the stripes of the one cat.

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  1. George Guerra


    I acquired this item some time ago and like many of Alan’s earlier children effects, you get a great storyline for a nice, lengthy routine to entertain both children and adults. The method is clever with an ease to perform…this leaves the performer to focus on the presentation. The workmanship is, again, impeccable, built to last (and the one I obtained was in near mint condition – clearly well cared and appreciated by the previous owners).

    It is a "large" item in contrast to his later mini-magic line and well suited for a large audience. I have said this before and I will say it again, there is no one that matches the craftsmanship of Alan Warner. His magic has been a great contribution to this time honored art.

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