Tablets of Ra

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Laid out in a circle on the table are five oblong wooden tablets, all of which feature a different Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol which has been cut into one end of each of the individual tablets. Each tablet also has a slot cut through it at the end opposite the hieroglyph.

The spectator is given a free choice of one of the tablets. The five tablets are then stacked together and dropped into a small wooden cover which has a slot in two opposite sides of it. A narrow strip of wood is then passed through the cover via the slots, leaving a small portion of the wooden strip protruding from each side of the cover. The wooden strip also passes through the slots in the tablets so that when the cover is turned the right way up, the tablets are securely imprisoned inside it.

At the performer’s command (and without there being any visible movement on his part), ONE OF THE TABLETS PENETRATES THE WOODEN STRIP and falls free from the cover into the spectator’s waiting hand. To the spectator’s surprise, the tablet in his hand is the one which he had previously freely selected. The other four tablets, however, remain securely imprisoned in the cover.


The cover, which is approximately 7 cms high, is handcrafted in teak and has been oiled and then hand-polished. The tablets are also individually handcrafted, each of the hieroglyphic symbols having a different coloured background for ease of identification during the performance of the effect. The colours used are gold, silver, copper, metallic-blue and black.


2 reviews for Tablets of Ra

  1. Andy Martin

    Clean and simple Penetraion

    Wonderful, interesting props and very easy to do. Any tablet is chosen and then they are all secured in the container.

    They are clearly suspended by the rod – but with a tap the chosen one falls. And you are looking pretty clean. A great trick made only the way Alan Warner can.

  2. George Guerra

    Beautiful props but straight forward magic

    Selected tablet “penetrates” bar locking all tablets in the open ended case. Simple effect but the props are beautiful and nicely finished. Not one of the strongest effects in the Egyptian line but I wouldn’t have left it out!

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