Sign of The Snake

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Standing on the performer’s table is a wooden cartouche (or decorated cover). Five slim wooden plaques are arranged in a semicircle in front of the cartouche. All five plaques have the Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol of the snake cut into the face of them, and each snake has been lacquered in a different colour. The performer explains that legend has it that this cartouche and its accompanying plaques were discovered among the many sacred artefacts which adorned the burial chamber of the Egyptian Pharaoh Cerastes, the Snake God.

A blank oblong tablet is now displayed and then slid into the cartouche. Next, the snake plaques are turned face-down and thoroughly mixed up, and a spectator selects one of them. The selected plaque is then placed (still face-down) in front of the cartouche.

The performer now goes on to explain that according to the legend of Cerastes the Snake God, his spirit lives on within the cartouche, and that to prove this, his spirit will make a prediction and carve it into the blank tablet within the cartouche.

First the performer turns the selected plaque over to reveal the colour of the snake, then he removes the tablet from the cartouche. The tablet is no longer blank! ENGRAVED ON THE TABLET IS A SERIES OF COLOURED EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHS which the performer translates for the spectator, assuring him that the message reads that the spirit of Cerastes has correctly predicted the colour of the snake chosen by the spectator. The spectator, having no idea if this translation is correct, is naturally not too impressed, and indeed the performer admits that he was only joking about this, and that the message on the tablet, if he translates each hieroglyphic symbol in turn, actually reads, ‘TURN THE TABLET OVER FOR THE PREDICTION’.

Turning the tablet over, the performer reveals that its reverse side has the sign of the snake cut into it and that THE COLOUR OF THE SNAKE MATCHES THAT OF THE SNAKE ON THE PLAQUE SELECTED BY THE SPECTATOR.


The teak, hand-polished cartouche stands 11.5 cms high and is decorated in relief with coloured hieroglyphs and the squatting figure of the Egyptian Pharaoh Cerastes, the Snake God. The tablet measures 10.2 x 4.5 cms. The size of the snake plaques is 4.5 x 3.5 cms. SIGN OF THE SNAKE is a delightful piece of tabletop magic apparatus which will create immediate spectator interest. Complete with The Alan Warner Routine and the fictional legend of Cerastes the Egyptian Snake God by Mignon Warner.

4 reviews for Sign of The Snake

  1. Andy Martin

    Gorgeous Props and Great Magic

    This is a nice one from the Man in Micro Magic Alan Warner. You show the plaque, place it in the holder and have a snake chosen. You then remove the plaque and it has all of these symbols on there and you explain that this is your prediction – ha ha! Then you turn it over and it has the exact matching snake on there.

    As usual a fine piece of a master craftsman!

  2. George Guerra

    Colorful props!

    Nice looking props with a strong Egyptian theme. The effect offers entertainment and visual changes with the right storyline (included in the instruction), but can not be repeated.

  3. Bob Parmacek

    Double Magic

    The Sign of The Snake is a unique Mini-Magic effect invented and crafted beautifully by Alan Warner. A story of the Spirit of Cerastes the Egyptian Snake God lives on in the beautifully carved and colored Cartouche. A blank tablet is first placed into the cartouche and then the spectator is shown the five small plaques that each have a carving of the sign of the snake god carved into it. Each carving on the plaques is a snake of a different color. The spectator picks one colored plaque of his choice and then the tablet that was in the cartouche is removed and the first magical effect takes place as the once blank tablet now is covered with interesting hieroglyphics. The story teller with tongue in cheek volunteers to read the message sent by the spirit of the snake god. A comical moment takes place and then the storyteller reads the true message which leads the action to displaying the sign of the snake that is actually a prediction of the same color as the snake carved into the plaque freely chosen by the spectator. A second magical moment. Another wonderful Alan Warner trick to add to my collection.

  4. Doug Gorman

    A Serpent Success

    This prediction effect is another of the beautiful Alan Warner Egyptian pieces, and the presentation story included with the props is wonderful. This is one of the more colorful pieces in Alan’s collection, and the effect is a beauty, complete with humor and a magical zinger. I’ve even figured out a way to repeat the effect for the same audience. And such craftsmanship, you wouldn’t believe it…oh yes, you would. After all, it is an Alan Warner!

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