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With the exception of the paddle effect, all of the pieces in this special collection are made in teak, oiled, and then hand-burnished.

The specially designed box which houses the collection measures 23.5 x 18 x 5.75 cms, is veneered in mahogany and has been waxed and then hand-polished several times.

The interior of the box is divided into eight individually-sized compartments to house each of the pieces of apparatus. The compartments are lined with green velour to further protect the collection.

The top of the lid has a decorative panel in relief, while the underside of the lid features a special compartment to hold a folder which contains a set of instruction sheets. Mounted on this compartment is the signed Certificate of Authenticity.

This unique box of Alan Warner’s Special Collection of Mini-Magic to commemorate the Millennium and the year 2000 is offered in a guaranteed limited edition of twelve. Made to order only.

RATTLE BARS: The performer can pick up any one of the three wooden bars used in this effect, shake it and make it rattle. The spectator, however, is rewarded with complete silence every time he tries to do the same thing.

MAGIC BELT HOOK: Hang a belt on this wooden hook and defy gravity by suspending the tip of the hook from the end of your finger. (Belt not supplied.)

COIN BLOCKS: One of these blocks has a recess in which sits a coin. The performer removes the coin and places it in his pocket, then covers the recess with a solid block. A magic pass is then made by the performer and the coin returns to the recess. Next, the coin is marked, placed back in the recess and then the other block is dropped on top of it. This block is then removed to reveal that the coin has disappeared from the recess. The marked coin is now found back in the performer’s pocket.

PADDLE TRICK: The performer displays a small black paddle which has three white spots on each side of it. The performer pushes the paddle through one of his hands and the bottom white spot changes to a red spot on both sides of the paddle. Again the performer pushes the paddle through his hand, and this time the middle spots on both sides of the paddle change to orange. The paddle is now concealed by the performer’s hand and this time its top spot changes to a blue one, allowing the performer to show a red, orange and blue spot on each side of the paddle. The performer conceals the paddle for the final time and the coloured spots on it revert back to the original white spots that were on both sides of it.

SPOT ON: Ten wooden tablets with a coloured spot at each end of them are shuffled face down. One is selected and placed, still face down, in a cover. The remaining tablets are then turned face up and arranged in a straight line so that the coloured spots match end for end. The two colours at each end of the line are noted. On removing the tablet from the cover, it is revealed that the two colours on this tablet match those at each end of the line.

KUBIKA: A small, slotted, oblong block is placed inside a cover with a similar slot in it, and a length of ribbon is then threaded through both the cover and the block. The cover, with the threaded block inside it, is suspended from the middle of the ribbon. On command, the block penetrates the ribbon and falls out of the cover, leaving the cover still suspended from the ribbon.

CANDLE CANDLE: A wooden tablet is tipped out of a cover. On the tablet there is a drawing of a candle with an orange flame. The tablet is returned to the cover, the performer blows on it and then immediately tips the tablet out again. The candle’s flame is now a blue colour – why? – because the performer ‘blew’ on it! The tablet is placed back inside the cover, then tipped out again to show that the flame has now reverted to its original orange colour. Once more the tablet is placed back inside the cover, and this time the performer suggests that a spectator might like to blow on the cover to see if he can change the colour of the flame. However, when the tablet is finally tipped out, the flame has completely disappeared. The spectator blew too hard and extinguished the flame!

GEOMETRIC: A spectator is given a free choice from three small pieces of plastic, each of which has one of three different geometrical shapes cut out of its centre – namely, either a square, a triangle or a circle. The spectator’s piece of plastic is placed beside a small wooden cover which has been on display from the outset. Inside this cover there is a shallow tray. The tray is then tipped out of the cover to reveal that it contains a single piece of plastic which likewise has a geometrical shape cut out of the centre of it which matches the spectator’s selected geometrical shape.

2 reviews for Millennium Mini-Magic Collection

  1. Andy Martin

    So much beautiful magic!

    When I first saw this I wasn’t sure how strong each effect in the set was. As usual however, Alan Warner very plesantly surprised me! This really is a beautiful set of small close-up magic.

    Maybe the individual pieces don’t have the strength of some of Alan’s larger items, but the magic is still very strong. And the outfit is just a delight to have!

    Thank-you as always Alan for producing some wonderful works of art.

  2. George Guerra

    One Very Special Box…Thanks, Alan

    Alan celebrated the new millennium and the year 2000 by issuing this limited edition boxed collection. It consists of 8 effects housed in a gorgeously done mahogany veneered hinged box. This item was limited to only 12 sets and each accompanied by a signed certificate. The effects vary from simple classics to very nice originals that can stand up to Alan’s more formidable pieces. I particularly like Geometric, Kubika, and Candle Candle. This beautiful collection would be the envy of any magic set collector. Forget Mysto and other “collectible” magic sets, this is more reminiscent of those antique wooden magic sets of the past, all handcrafted with meticulous attention to esthetics and function. You really need to see this set firsthand to really appreciate the workmanship, as images are clearly inadequate.

    Alan has always proved himself a master craftsman and inventor, but he is also a most generous man. I will particularly cherish the Millennium Box I received because what started as an honest mistake led to a remarkable gesture from Alan. 2 weeks ago, an inquiry regarding 2 effects in this collection led us to believe that No. 12, the last box in the series, was still available. I ended up paying for what was eventually unraveled to be a sold-out series. However, Alan, in the kindness of his heart, promptly offered me his own box, No. 1, from his personal collection of his magic. I was quite taken by such a gesture and I can’t thank Alan enough. This unique piece will definitely hold a special place in my Warner collection.

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