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Seven wooden tablets resting on a stand are displayed by the performer, singly and in turn, to reveal that a different coloured silhouette of a key is mounted on the face of each tablet, one for each day of the week. Note is then made of the colour of the key for the particular day on which the performance is taking place.

An empty key-ring with a wooden tag is also shown, and after covering it with a handkerchief (not supplied), or something similar, the spectator is given the tag to hold through the folds of the fabric. Removing the tablets from the stand, the performer then slowly and deliberately deals them out one at a time onto the table, taking care to show both the back and the front of each tablet.

Mysteriously, only six of the tablets now feature a silhouette of a key. ONE OF THE KEYS HAS DISAPPEARED, LEAVING A KEY-SHAPED HOLE IN ITS PLACE ON THE TABLET! In addition, the colour of the missing key is the colour for that particular day.

The spectator, on being requested to remove the key-ring and tag from the folds of the handkerchief, is astonished to discover THE MISSING KEY FOR THAT DAY HANGING FROM THE KEY-RING HE HAS BEEN HOLDING ALL THIS WHILE.


The tablets and key-tag are handcrafted and may be examined at the conclusion of the effect.

The stand, which is made in teak, is specially designed and is an integral part of the working of the effect. The wooden tablets measure 8.25 x 5 cms and are stained in light oak. Each tablet has a key silhouette mounted on its face. The coloured keys are finished in high-gloss enamels.

3 reviews for Kryptic Keys

  1. Andy Martin

    Colorful and Interesting Transformation

    Here’s a nice one from Alan Warner. You show 7 keys quite cleanly one at a time, and a plain key fob.

    Then you count the days until you end up with one for today’s date and notice that the key has now been cut out and is missing, only to be found attached to the key fob.

    Beautiful props, clean method, great magic!

  2. Todd Reis

    Excellent routine and props

    Simple in it’s design and working, strong on it’s effect. Top quality props as usual from Warner. The effect plays better than it reads.

  3. George Guerra

    Beautiful Props and Routine

    This a great piece from Alan. A definte buy for the Warner collector…though what piece from Alan isn’t. Rainbow of colors, beautiful teak, and clever method makes this one a very entertaining routine. Easy to perform and highly magical. Highly Recommended

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