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A holder contains six wooden tablets, each tablet having a recessed spot on its face. Each spot is a different colour.

The tablets are removed from the holder and laid out face down in a line on the table. A SPECTATOR HAS A 100% FREE SELECTION OF ANY ONE OF THE TABLETS, indicating his choice by placing a finger on the back of the tablet. This tablet is then either picked up and given to the spectator to hold until it is time for him to reveal the colour of the spot, or the tablet is turned over on the table to show the colour of the spot. IN EACH CASE THE COLOUR WILL ALWAYS BE RED, THE FORCE COLOUR.

The five remaining tablets can all be shown to be different colours at any time during the routine.

The holder is made in teak and is decorated with boxwood banding set in relief. The tablets measure 6 x 3.6 cms.

The apparatus supplied will automatically force the colour red, but an alternative colour can be made to order on request.

2 reviews for Colourama

  1. Andy Martin

    Beautiful and very Clean Prediction Effect

    So its easy to get bored with my reviews of Alan Warner magic. I know I have trouble coming up with words that are different each time. The simple fact is that bar none Alan Warner is the number 1 micro magic inventor and manufacturer in the world today. I defy anyone to show me anyone else who is as prolific or as much of a craftsman as Alan Warner.

    This effect is clean, beautiful, and very convincing. Any one of the teak plaques can be chosen, and the prediction is turned over to show it matches. The other plaques are then turned over to show that they are all different. No moves or steals.

    Very nice!

  2. George Guerra

    Great prop for forcing a color

    Want to force a particular color and do it with CLASS? Look no further than this beautiful prop from Alan. I will give this one a 5 because the workmanship and operation is so good. I like the idea of using Card Case 20 with this prop for a really mind-blowing effect. Love it!

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