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The performer arranges five small pieces of wood in front of a spectator, then tips a thin wooden plaque (with a round hole in it) out of a cover which has a small square hole in it. Next the performer draws attention to the fact that the five small wooden pieces are individual geometric shapes comprised of a series of short straight lines which form either a square, a triangle, a rectangle, a diamond-shape or a hexagon, while the hole in the plaque is a long curved line forming a circle.

The performer explains that the arrangement of the tablets is a special Astral formation which enables the person who momentarily gazes at it to enter the Astral World which is of a much higher vibration than that of the Physical World. The gazer will then experience an extension of consciousness which will, in turn, raise him to the next plane of being and grant him the ability either to alter or transport material objects without any visual agency. To prove this, the performer asks a spectator to gaze upon the special Astral formation for a moment to raise himself to the next plane of consciousness and so influence his selection of one of the five shapes in the formation.

The selection of the wooden shape is now made and for these purposes, we will assume that it turns out to be the triangular shape. Next the performer replaces the plaque in the cover and then threads a thin silver ribbon – or ‘cord’ – with a bead on one end of it, right through the cover and plaque via the individual holes in them. The performer then requests the spectator to hold the cover for him in a horizontal position as he needs to have both of his own hands free in order to proceed with the effect.

The silver cord, the performer explains, connects the spectator’s astral body with his physical body and assists him with the transportation and materialization of physical objects. The performer now takes the free end of the silver cord, which protrudes through the hole in the cover, and lays the cord flat along half the length of the cover. Next he places the selected triangular shape on top of the silver cord which is stretched along the top of the cover. The weight of the wooden shape prevents the silver cord from falling out of the cover when the performer releases his hold on the cord. By making contact with the cover through holding it in his own two hands, the spectator’s higher level of consciousness will now be transmitted along the silver cord. The remainder of the silver cord (i.e. the length with the bead on the end of it) is hanging below the cover. The performer now pulls gently on the bead, THEREBY CAUSING THE SELECTED SHAPE TO MOVE SLOWLY ACROSS THE SURFACE OF THE COVER. When it reaches the hole in the cover, the silver cord falls free.

With the triangular shape left in position on the cover, the spectator is now requested to tip the cover downwards. The wooden shape immediately slides off the top of the cover, and at the same time, the plaque falls out of the cover.

THE HOLE IN THE PLAQUE HAS CHANGED ASTRALLY! IT IS NOW A TRIANGULAR HOLE MATCHING THE SPECTATOR’S SELECTED SHAPE and thereby proving that the spectator, in his heightened state of consciousness, has been able to alter a material object without any visual agency.


2 reviews for Astral

  1. Andy Martin

    Clean and Simple Transformation

    This looks quite startling when you see it. You show a think piece of wood with a round circle in, drop it in the box and dangle a cord through the hole and through the circle. Spectator chooses one of the geometric shapes, and places it on the box. After they pull it through, the piece of wood now has the shape they choose instead of the circle.

    Quite amazing!

  2. George Guerra

    Different departure from Alan’s other themes

    Geometric patterns transform through the influence of the mind on an altered dimension. WOW! Great presentation. Lovely teak pieces, carefully matched for those spectators with a keen eye. Very nice and unusual.

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