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A TRULY DELIGHTFUL EFFECT!  Children will love the antics of the shy, baby apprentice spook, FLIBBETIGGIBET, and his five spooky friends, Sam the Spook, Harrry the Haunter, Frankie Phantom, Godfrey the Ghost, and What’sisname, who hangs out in the cupboard when not out at work haunting.

Unfortunately, Flibbertiggibbet cannot be introduced to the children when they are taken from the cupboard because he has developed ‘spots’ and has beeen temporarily quaranteed in the medicine cabinet.  The cause of Flibbertiggibet’s spots – THE MEASLES – creates a lot of fun when, after shyly peeping out the top of the cabinet at the children, he is revealed in all his spotted glory (!), and then tricks everybody by sneaking back into the haunted cupboard when nobody is watching to be with the other spooks.

A GREAT ROUTINE which we are sure all children entertainer will agree is full of potential.

The ‘spook’ cutouts are 7" x 5" white plastic.  The haunted cupboard is finished in blue and black lacquers while the medicine cabinet has a natural wood (with a white plastic front and traditional red cross).


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