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Review by George Guerra for Fool's Gold

Review by George Guerra for Fool's Gold

Review by George Guerra for Fool's Gold

5 out of 5

Another worthy masterpiece from Alan

Having such a large collection of Alan’s magic, I thought he couldn’t surprise me. Well, I thought I had seen it all. After unpacking this latest limited release from Alan, I felt like a kid on Christmas day. The first thing you see is the large teak chest with the beautiful fretwork design topped by a natural amber at its center. Alan’s choice of teak wood on this chest is to be commended..lovely grain!

Inside the chest, fitted side by side are the box and the casket. The box design and workings is similar to the casket in Alan’s Flight of the Falcon. It’s square with a dark blue mosaic stone on the center. Black banding decorates the lip of the lid..excellent! But the REAL treat is in the casket with the gold alchemic symbol. The mechanics in this piece is simply amazing. The only other piece from Alan with comparable intricacy is his Voodoo. I just can’t find words to express my admiration over the workings. As I played with it, I could only revel in Alan’s talent for woodworking and the use of magnetic principles.

All I can say is to those still awaiting for their copy, you are in for a real treat from Alan. Many thanks, Alan and I will try to be patient for your next release.

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