Archive | June, 2002

Alan Chasen

The site is an excellent display of a craftsman at his best. It is uncluttered and thorough…simply a joy to browse through. Our industry could benefit from more sites like this one.

Keith C. Bogart M.D.

I have the honor of owning several of Alan Warner’s pieces. It is a pleasure to observe such fine workmanship and ingenuity. Thank for the great reference site.

Alan Warner

Congratulations, Andy, on this superb new site. The stylish design-work and your meticulous attention to detail have captured the very essence of what I like to think my magic is all about. Thank you most sincerely for all the hard work and careful thought you have put into this truly fabulous presentation of my teak Mini-Magic range of close-up effects. Your craftsmanship is simply brilliant, Andy. It takes my breath away!

Mahatma (Philippe Piet van Putten)

It was a great pleasure to visit your site and see such a wonderful display of the PERFECT magical items created by the genius of Alan Warner. I would like to purchase all of them !! Congratulations ! I’ll recommend to all my readers (in 28 countries). In magical tune,


Mentalist Director – Projeto Artes Mágicas (Magical Arts Project); Editor – ARTES MÁGICAS (Magical Arts); President – International Magicians Society (IMS) of Brazil.

Joey Butler

Andy, I have never had the pleasure of seeing, handling, or owning any of Alan’ pieces. If his work is as fine as yours that has gone into the design and execution of his website, then it must truly exquisite. I am sure that it is. Keep up the good work! And thanks for all the help with things magical.

Rod McFadden

Beautiful magic and a beautiful site! Keep sharing the magic!

TR Reis

Wow! An extremely well-designed and informative website that captures the essence of Alan’s work. The items are nicely laid out in the photos and help give a good idea of the various stages for each effect. A true tribute to a master craftsman.

Larry G. Wilfong

This is Great! Now we can acknowledge a true craftsman and introduce him to the mainstream World of Magic on a timely basis. (how will he ever keep up with the orders?!)

John Saragusa

WOW, What a site Andy! You have delivered again. You have done a remarkable job in this creation. It is extremely user friendly, informative, eye appealing and it works flawlessly with speed. I navigated through the whole site in less than five minutes. You are good at what you do. The best of luck to Mr. Alan Warner and his Mini-Magic. I will have to have a collection of his masterpieces.

Art Begun

Another great magic site. When I was a kid, we used to have to turn paper pages and look at line drawings. And the TV was black and white and you had to walk over to it to turn the channel…