William King, Jr’s Collection

At a New England Magic Collectors Association Gathering, in Salem, MA. I saw Art Emerson demonstrating some Alan Warner effects. I was really impressed with the micro magic and the workmanship and started obtaining pieces when they were available. First from Viking Magic and then directly from Alan Warner. The pictures in the Alan Warner article of Genii magazine of my collection were taken by Richard Kaufman. 

I have all painted and teak pieces available and 13 children’s effects. Keep up the good work. It’s a great website!

Magic Pencil Case - special ordered

King Collection Overview

Bottom shelf, left

Bottom shelf, right

Bottom second shelf, left

Bottom second shelf, right

Bottom third shelf, left

Bottom third shelf, right

Top second shelf, left

Top second shelf, left

Top shelf, left

Top shelf, right

Top two shelves

Top third shelf, right

Top third shelf, left