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A slim double-two domino is tipped out of a small wooden cover by the performer who then slides the domino back inside the cover with its face uppermost. The performer then twists the cover over. The domino should now, of course, be face-down, but when it is allowed to slide out of the cover, the spectators see that IT IS STILL FACE-UP.

The performer repeats this procedure with the same result, by which time the spectators have begun to suspect that the domino has two faces: however, when the performer turns the domino over IT HAS A BLANK BACK!

The domino is now returned to the cover face-up for the third time, the cover is twisted over as before, but once again the domino slides out FACE-UP.

Finally, the performer does things in reverse: he twists the cover over first, this time sliding the domino inside the cover face-down and then rapidly twisting the cover over several times. This confuses the spectators so much that they cannot be sure whether the domino should be face-up or face-down. ‘Maybe you are confused,’ says the performer, ‘but think how confused the domino must be!’ He then tips out the domino for the final time and reveals that the domino is indeed confused for it is now HALF FACE-UP, HALF FACE-DOWN, with a blank/two on one side and a blank/two on the other.


The cover is handcrafted in teak and measures approximately 8 x 4.8 cms. The wooden domino (7 x 4.2 cms approx.) has a matt black finish with white, recessed spots.

The cover has been specially designed so that the effect works automatically. All the performer has to do is to follow the routine! The effect takes only seconds to reset which makes it ideal for table-hopping.

4 reviews for Twister

  1. Andy Martin

    Clean and Effective Transformation

    This effect from Alan Warner is simple in plot: the domino keeps twisting over in the small wooden cover and in the end the spots jump to both sides. But it is very clean in execution with no funny moves, which make it an entertaining piece of magic.

    As usual, you can always rely on Alan Warner to create great magic with great looking props.

  2. George Guerra

    Simple but entertaining with the right presentation

    You get a simple but well finished teak wood case and the necessary dominoes to perform a bewildering effect of a domino always ending up showing the same side despite turning over the case. Play it with a sucker touch. The grand finale where the halves “twist around” ends the effect with a dramatic climax. Automatic in execution. Recommended!

  3. Bob Parmacek

    Teak Pocket Magic

    As my small collection of Alan Warner Mini-Magic grows my small audience that I continually show my tricks to has become fascinated with Alan Warner’s Mini Magic as I was all ready fascinated. Needless to say I too have received the request “oh you do magic please do something.” I find it wise to carry some thing special with me at all times to really knock the socks off the person that asks me “to do something”. I have found a beautiful velvet bag and I keep my Twister in it in my pocket ready to go. Lately when I get the request I dig down into my pocket and come out with my velvet bag ( the bag is to keep the Twister safe from scratches as well as sharpen the spectators curiousity). All ready my spectator is intigued and when I take Twister from the bag and show them first the beautiful case and then the domino I can see the interest growing. I then perform the trick and at the end I say something like “If you were twisted so much you would be pretty mixed up. I am sure the little magic genii inside the case is mixed up too. What side of the domino do you think is up?” No matter the answer the magic proves the spectator wrong as well as amazed and very often laughing. The beauty of the case and the feel of the wood that has been so cleverly designed and carried out by Alan Warner impresses all. Perhaps most of all me. This trick is as many magicians call a trick that really works a “Worker”. It can easily be done all in your hands and the spectators which makes it wonderful for strolling and it resets in seconds.

  4. Doug Gorman


    That’s the way I play this one. I act completely baffled about the way the domino won’t turn over in spite of the turning over of the case. When it appears that I have hit on the solution to the problem, the domino becomes almost as twisted as I am. This gets great reactions, and I love it. Thanks, Alan, for making something so good out of something so simple.

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