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The performer displays a slim wooden box which has a dollar sign on its lid. He then removes the lid to reveal that there is a shallow open box within it which contains a blank piece of white paper. Now everyone has heard of people with the so-called ‘Midas touch’ who have the ability to turn everything with which they come into contact, if not into gold, then certainly into cash, and the performer, with the aid of his Money Maker, is curious to know if there is anyone among the spectators with this magical, money-making ‘Midas touch’.

After replacing the lid on the box, the performer requests one of the spectators to touch the dollar sign decorating the lid. However, when the performer lifts the lid, everything is as it was originally: the inner box still contains nothing more than a blank piece of paper. Sadly, this can only mean that this particular spectator does not have the Midas touch to turn ordinary plain paper into genuine cash money.

The performer replaces the lid and then moves on to invite another spectator to touch its decorative dollar sign, this time with more success. The lid is removed to reveal that the inner box now contains A BRAND-NEW, ONE-DOLLAR BILL! There can be no doubt that the spectator has the magical Midas touch, but clearly, he would have to work long and hard, at only one dollar a time, to make himself a fortune!

Once again the performer replaces the lid on the box. He then returns to the first spectator, who proved to be unsuccessful when invited to touch the dollar sign, and suggests that he might not have been given sufficient time for his touch to register within the box. He invites the spectator to try again, making sure that this time he continues to touch the dollar sign while he counts to ten.

The performer’s assumption proves to be correct. He removes the lid to reveal that the one-dollar bill has now changed into A BRAND-NEW ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL!

3 reviews for Money Maker

  1. Andy Martin

    Ah my good Friend Alan Warner always shows me the money!

    Finally, more quality from the marvellous Alan Warner! There have been many versions of the money maker, I have been parital to the $link(,Delben Blotter) and of course $link(,Owen's Denver Mint). However, Alan Warner in his usual imagintive style has taken a fairly simple effect made it look beautiful and added the double whammy of the note changing not once but twice. It works cleanly, of course, and is actually quite amazing how he gets the change to work twice without removing or stealing anything away. Very simple to do and a sheer delight to behold.

    The Money Maker follows along the same lines of Alan’s recent works – more intricate detail to the boxes, bigger and more impressive teak work. Another winner from Mr. Warner.

  2. George Guerra

    What a big and beautiful piece!!

    This big item from Alan, and I mean big in comparison to the rest of his Mini-Magic line, shows throughout the great quality in woodworking one has learned to expect from Alan. The “double” transformations occur smoothly with no obvious maneuvers to arouse suspicion. What clever idea from the devious mind behind so much great magic! Very Highly Recommended

  3. Terry Harris

    Money maker

    I love it and want one for my money maker collection. How much and how soon and how can I get one!

    $link(,Please click here to find out more)

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