The Egyptian Sun Gods’ Game

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The performer removes seven wooden plaques from a wooden stand and then places them face down on the table. Enlisting the assistance of a spectator, the performer now explains that they are about to play the Egyptian Sun Gods’ Game which involves both himself and the spectator making, in turn, a random selection from the seven plaques and then eliminating one plaque at a time until only one remains. This final plaque will then be turned over to reveal an Egyptian hieroglyph depicting a coloured sun.

To win the game against the two Sun Gods, the colour of the sun on this remaining plaque must differ from the coloured sun chosen by the Gods.

Having explained this to the spectator, the plaque remaining on the table is now turned face up. The performer then requests the assistant to tip a tablet out of the cover (which has been in full view at all times!) to reveal an indisputable win for the Sun Gods. THE SUN ON THE SUN GODS’ TABLET IS THE SAME COLOUR AS THE SUN ON THE REMAINING PLAQUE!

To eliminate the possibility of coincidence, all of the other plaques are then turned face up to reveal that their suns feature completely different colours.

The tablet is now replaced in the cover, the original selected plaque is discarded and the spectator and the performer once more play the Sun Gods’ game, this time with only six plaques.

The performer turns the final plaque over and once again, the spectator is asked to remove the tablet from the cover and, as before, THE COLOUR OF THE SUN GODS’ SUN MATCHES THE SUN ON THE LAST PLAQUE, proof positive that it is impossible to beat the Sun Gods at their own game!

The teak cover containing the tablet is decorated with the tasselled, gold symbol of office of an Egyptian Pharaoh and measures 3 inches x 1.75 inches (approx.). The teak stand features contrasting banding and measures approximately 1.75 inches x 1 inch x 2 inches tall.


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