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A spectator is given a free choice from three small pieces of plastic, each of which has one of three different geometrical shapes cut out of its centre – namely, a square, a triangle or a circle. The spectator’s piece of plastic is placed beside a small wooden cover which has been on display from the outset.

Inside this cover there is a shallow tray. The performer now tips the tray out of the cover to reveal that it contains a single piece of plastic which also has a geometrical shape cut out of the centre of it. This cut out shape MATCHES THE SPECTATOR’S SELECTED GEOMETRICAL SHAPE.


The teak cover, which measures 6.75 x 5 x 2.25 cms and features a decorative panel set in relief on the top of it, does all the work, leaving the performer to concentrate solely on presentation.

(Please note this apparatus is acutally part of the $link(1523,Millennium Mini-Magic Collection), but appears here because it was also sold separately.)

2 reviews for Geometric

  1. Andy Martin

    This is direct and nicely made!

    Show three symbols, specator choose anyone and the box is tipped open – with no funny moves. There is clearly only one prediction in the box, and it matches.

    It’s that clean!

  2. George Guerra

    Cute and Clever prediction

    This little cute item predicts one of three designs chosen by the spectator and there is definitely only one design in the drawer matching that chosen design. It’s easy to do and the workmanship impeccable. The method is quite clever and clean.

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