The Magic Paint Box

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Two children are invited to assist the performer to paint a picture by magic.  A framed UNPAINTED PICTURE is then withdrawn from a wooden cover and shown to the audience.  The framed picture is reversed and replaced in the cover where  a portion of it is visible through a circular cut-out in the centre-front of the cover.  The cover is now given to one of the assistants to hold.

Next, a box of paints is displayed, the lid closed, then a large artist’s paint brush is produced and handed to the second child assistant who proceeds to ‘paint’ the picture.  Finally, the paint box is opened to reveal that ALL THE PAINTS HAVE VANISHED and the framed picture is removed from the cover to show that it has now been painted in a wide range of colours.

PLEASE NOTE: The picture supplied is hand-painted and will not be the one in the above photograph: each picture is different.

Beautifully made in wood, this is a very attractive, showy piece of apparatus.  SELF-WORKING.  RESET IN SECONDS!

Complete with a large, good quality artist’s brush, instructions, and routine.


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