School Daze

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Displayed on a blackboard (11″ x 10″) are three letters of the alphabet each of which is illustrated with a drawing of a piece of fruit…  A is for APPLE, O is for ORANGE, and S is for STRAWBERRY.

Unfortunately, though, through age the colours of the fruit have faded and are now WHITE.  The performer, therefore, attempts, with the aid of magic, to restore the colours of the faded fruit, covering the blackboard with a gaily striped, multi-coloured cloth cover (supplied).  The children call out THE MAGIC WORD, the cover is removed and the apple, orange, and strawberry are now coloured…BUT SOMETHING HAS GONE DREADFULLY WRONG!  The three pieces of fruit are coloured all right – BUT IN STRIPES WHICH MATCH EXACTLY THE COLOURED STRIPES ON THE CLOTH COVER which the performer used to work the magic.

AND SO THE FUN GOES ON (including some lovely bits of business with a small felt wall-chart which is also supplied, together with a full routine).

A truly fun-filled children’s effect which finally turns out right in the end (though not before the performer, in his second attempt to colour the pieces of fruit, gets all the colours mixed up so that he has a GREEN STRAWBERRY, an ORANGE APPLE, and a RED ORANGE!).

This quality piece of apparatus produces THREE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COLOUR CHANGES!


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