Dom-Dom Domino

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Three large (WHITE-FACED) dominoes with BLACK SPOTS and a slim, empty wooden cover are freely displayed.  A red ribbon is draped over the open end of the cover and one of the dominoes is dropped into the cover.  Some of the ribbon is, of course, forced down into the cover by the weight of the domino, but the ends of the ribbon remain outside the cover.

The performer now takes hold of the ends of the ribbon and pulls downward on them.  This action causes the domino to rise out the cover and it is now seen that THE DOMINO’S BLACK SPOTS HAVE CHANGED TO RED, matching the colours of the ribbon.  The effect is repeated with the second domino, using a green ribbon, and again the spots on the domino change, this time to green.  This leaves the performer with one more domino and a yellow ribbon, but this time he decides to drape not only the YELLOW RIBBON over the cover but the RED AND GREEN ones previously used as well.  The last domino is then dropped into the cover, the three coloured ribbons are pulled downwards and A MULTI-COLOURED DOMINO IS REVEALED – A GREAT CLIMAX TO AN UNUSUAL, COLOURFUL EFFECT!

The effect is exactly as described above: SELF-CONTAINED AND COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC IN WORKING and easy to do.

The dominoes are 9 1/2" x 4 1/2", made in wood and plastic, and have a unique double-locking action which allows them to be handled freely at all times.


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